Are Shock Collars Safe?

When the topic of remote training dog collars arises, many people are apprehensive of its’ safety for dogs. This apprehension is usually a result of common misconceptions about the collars. Common misconceptions include the idea that the collars cause extreme and lasting pain on dogs or that the collars are meant for punishment. However, that is not the case at all with these collars. The collars do not physically cause any significant or notable pain, as that would be detrimental and contradictory to the purpose of the collars. The collars are meant to prime and train dogs to adapt to certain behaviors or perform certain tasks by giving a small shock, vibration, or beep that catches the attention of the dog, so that it prevents them from committing unwanted behavior.

If the collars harmed dogs in any way, they would be ineffective in creating healthy behaviors in them. The purpose of the collars is not to punish dogs and should not be used with that in mind, but to negatively and positively reinforce certain behavioral tendencies that are beneficial to both the dog and the owner. The collars are a training aid, not a punishment device. The collars also have a feature that allows owners to adjust the level and intensity of the shock, with the highest of the shock levels still being within a frame that’s safe for all dogs. The usage and level of intensity for shocks should be determined by what the owner is comfortable using and what they believe to be best for the nature of their dog. If owners do not wish to use the shock feature, the vibrating and beeping feature are just as effective and harmless.